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INDIBLUE is a Fusion of…

100% Wild Blueberry Juice + Thai Coconut Water

Discover The Power Of Wild Blueberries
Meet the INDIBLUE Wild Bunch on their eternal quest to bring you their superpowers. We hope you enjoy this video and share it with your friends. Here’s to Wild Blueberries and your health!

Welcome to INDIBLUE

The team at INDIBLUE believe in the power of effective nutrition and that we should all protect our bodies from the effects of daily pollution, stress, and toxins. We believe that to perform your best athletically, mentally, physically, and spiritually your body needs to be fueled with the most nutrient dense superfoods available. This quest is what drives our determination to deliver a superior, healthy juice that can truly make a difference in the lives of those seeking optimal health, physical endurance, and longevity. INDIBLUE is made with 100% real wild blueberries, only found in North America and known for their phenomenal nutritional benefits. Learn more…


“Indiblue is amazing! I ordered it on Amazon and know it will be a new staple in my home. I love that it is not overly sweet, and that the ingredients are super simple – no hidden junk – that’s incredibly refreshing .”

StephanYoga Instructor
Peter Dockendorf

“As both an nutritionist, energy worker and stay at home father of two young children I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this product. My kids love it, and I love that fact that there are no hidden ingredient agendas. I read labels and do not allow anything with “Natural Flavor” or sweetness in my home – Indiblue is that perfect match for me, my family and the healthy lifestyle we live- thank you to a company who finally ‘gets it’.

Peter DockendorfStay-at-Home Dad